Movement and Music at the Red Cross Convalescent Home
This programme provides art and music therapy for children of the Red Cross Convalescent Home, from toddlers up to age 5 or 6.

Through music, dance movements and games, this programme facilitates cognitive development, the development of gross motor skills and also sensory awareness in the children.  Further benefits include the increased interaction and socialization of children amongst their peers.

The art therapy sessions encourages the children’s’ ability to express themselves creatively through drawing and painting.

Choir & Instrument Classes at St. Ann’s Orphanage
These classes teach the girls of St. Ann’s, aged 6 to 16 years old, fundamental music theory, skills and concepts through voice and ear training as well as through instruction on playing the guitar, piano and other band / orchestra instruments.  Exposure to different types of music and a variety of rhymes and rhythms is designed to teach the girls better focus and to enhance their powers of attention.

Choir & Instrument Classes at St. John Boscoe Boys’ Home
Boys aged 11 to 16 years explore elementary music concepts as well as traditional, non-traditional and alternative music disciplines as part of this programme.  Advanced instruction in music theory and music history is also included.  This curriculum includes an introduction to various composers, periods, styles and melodies as well as to modern multi-track recording and music production concepts.

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