Tina's tragic and sudden death in 2010 cut deep, but more indelible was the profound impact  this young woman had on the lives of so many during her 23 years with us, from her family and friends to her Brescia College alumni and the many disadvantaged children she gave so much of her time and heart to. Her ready smile, compassion, unswerving faith, talent  and love of music brought and continues to bring comfort and joy to many.

Tina's journals testify to her long–standing & abiding interest in music and of her talent, awakened & nurtured by her grandmother,   a talent that she wanted to develop  and to share, and perhaps with her beautiful singing voice, carve out a career in the field of music. It was her dream. Her family supported and encouraged this dream, enrolling her first at Mae's  School, where she won many  elocution & poetry competitions, emceed functions, performed in school choirs and got her first taste of audience appreciation with her rendition of a Shania Twain song in the school auditorium. She was chosen to sing the theme song at her graduation.

Encouraged by her Ma, she attended piano classes run by Mrs. Marilyn Dewar. She completed piano courses to Grade 4, won the ORIN BARROW Trophy in 2003 for the best National Grade 4 Performance and performed at the “Young Musicians on Stage” shows organized by the Guyana Music Teachers Association. She loved dancing and appeared at the National Cultural Center in the NrityaGeet dance shows organized by the Shaw family and in presentations by Nadia Jagan's Let's Dance Studio.

Tina left for Brescia University College in Canada in 2007. During her summer visits home,she linked up with Chad Arthur & his band– Francis Bailey, Mark Lee & Jason Harper. Tina spent many happy hours rehearsing with the band.  She performed with the band in 2009 at the Oasis Café, where she sang her signature tune –Norah Jones “Don't Know Why” and again on Friday night August 6, 2010 at her sister Lisa's nightclub “Mojos” ,where she performed Cindy Lauper's “Time After Time.”

From Tina's writings we learnt of her deep and solid faith in God and reliance on His guidance, her affection for family & friends and maybe because of her own origins, her concern for the less fortunate in the world. Tina did volunteer work whilst in Canada and closer to home, she always had time for the children at the Red Cross Convalescent Home and as they grew older, she would continue visiting them at the St. Ann's Girls Orphanage and the St. John's  Bosco Boys Orphanage. She spent time in her last days buying gifts for the girls.

TIF celebrates Tina's   generous, compassionate and enduring spirit and sets out to give the gift of music where it's needed most.